Memories Of My First Mobile Phone

If you live in Kenya, then you know the hottest news right now is that the mobile provider Zain has lowered its calling costs to kshs.3 per minute across all networks and it’s not from midnight to just before dawn. No. It’s for the whole day and night. NO TERMS, NO CONDITIONS they say. Only time will tell.

This brings to me memories of the very first phone i had. See when i first acquired a phone, it was on a Zain offer and consequently had a Zain line. Back then, it was called Kencell and we all loved it. That was before Safaricom came and swept us off our feet with per second billing. So Kencell it was.

Prior to owning a phone, i had fantasized about, agonized over and prayed about it, all in equal measure. I was a teenager then and I could not think of anything more exciting! MY OWN mobile phone. The mobile phone craze was still new so i (as many others) did not know what was what. I remember approaching my elder brother and asking him what’s the difference between ‘Nokia’ and ‘Kencell’ 🙂

One day just like that, my mother (mums are sweet!)  gave me kshs 6000 .So it was then I finally acquired an Alcatel 331 @Kshs5999! I don’t even remember taking my 1bob change.

I was ecstatic! I had a phone!

It was blue. And small. I loved it. It stored the messages from my sweetheart which I’d go over and over. It fitted on my palm just right. I always took it with me everywhere (but to the shower) and when i slept, then it was under my pillow.

The memories of my first mobile phone always bring a smile to my face. It signified freedom and…love. However my husband (the aforementioned sweetheart) thinks am going overboard when i refer to it as ‘my first love’. lol

Wonder what y’ll had for your first phones?

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