Curtains Close

Baby girl had chicken pox last week. My little bundle of joy had become a bundle of painful rashes. I couldn’t even hold her. She skipped school two days one of which I stayed home to watch her. But I was glad. Chicken pox is one of the things that kids take better than adults. Another, is love. Since she was the only one in the  family who hadn’t caught chicken pox yet, that is a chapter closed.

Our departmental boss is leaving. He was the kind of boss who knew everyone in the department by name, what they did and what they did not do. When he had a problem with you he’d come over to your desk and yell the hell out of you sort it out with you there and then. Further, he encouraged us to walk into his office any time if you had a problem and discuss it with him. You cannot work for 6 months, 3 months, even one month without a problem, he believed. Instead of e-mails, he advocated for face to face discussions whenever possible. But it was not uncommon for you to visit his office only for him to announce “Now is not a good time!” 🙁 , then, you’d have to see him later. He replied e-mails immediately often with one word : Discuss! (which meant you’d have to face him anyway! ) Some feared him. Many dreaded him. But he was a good man..outside the office that is. See, he believed in working hard and partying hard.

During his tenure, we held departmental dinners quite a number of times and what better way to give him a send off than have one of  ’em departmental dinners. That is why last Friday evening found us at Maxland Grill, Westlands.

Now, there is a problem.

Turns out the spot we had reserved is already occupied. …but the occupants are leaving, any minute we are told. We can live with that, so we hang around chatting. This is turning out to be one long minute and soon we are offered a place to sit as we await the guys at our spot to leave. We are shown to this miserable room that’s akin a class room. One would be forgiven for thinking we are funeral committee. At this point am starving. The drinks we are having are not helping. Soon it is announced that our spot is now all for us.

The mood is livelier here. After what was seemed like an eternity, food is served. I ask the guy seated next to me if I can wash my hands with his beer. He has no problem. The food is great. It was worth the wait. The boss makes a little speech. And curtains close.

Oh! and depending on what you are inclined to, you can either go home and sleep or dance the night away. 🙂

5 comments for “Curtains Close

  1. 16yrOldKenyanGuy
    November 2, 2010 at 1:09 am

    People actually do that? Wash their hands with beer? I’ve done it with soda, lakini gauge?
    Your boss is good. He is now one of my role models because:
    1. He encourages discussion. I’m hoping I’ll be that guy at the office who everyone likes & respects at the same time.
    2. Yeye ni boss. I will be a boss! No CV writing for me, no job interviews, no new shoes for tarmacking, no hurrying up to tao because you are late… Nothing but boss. Day in day out, boss!
    Chicken pox za nowadays zinalast only 2 days? Mine went on for abt a week! Mbona fupi hivyo?
    Plus this anonymity of yours! One day I’ll crack it. Wewe drop drop tu mahints hapa na pare Kare.

  2. Mercy Ngigi Mwenje
    November 2, 2010 at 10:46 am

    Bibiye Mwiti,I do very much like your stories.

    *Curtain closes when the last child in the family gets chicken pox.
    There’s this other children ailment which is deadly and if a child skips in his/childhood,it’ll come whatever the age-measles.

    *curtain closed like yours after the boss’s farewell. Our boss was one cruel man in history.we were so glad that he’s left us in peace,only to be reposted after a year which didnt amuse us at all and the curtains reopened.

  3. November 2, 2010 at 11:07 am

    HAHAHA…I love the point where you washed your hands with beer!!Hilarious..
    And about chicken pox..thats a positive thing..I will show you a pic of how I looked last December…Children take it much better!!

    • November 2, 2010 at 4:13 pm

      @16YearOldKenyanGuy all the best in your dream (to be boss!). The older you are, the worse your Chicken Pox will get…

      @Mercy Thank God for the measles vaccine they give these days. Cases of measles are extremely few. Hehe so your tough
      boss came back?! I hope he ain’t as nasty…

      @Frank, beer kills germs, i guess.

  4. 16yrOldKenyanGuy
    November 3, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    It’s official – you are now my homepage!

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