Thats My girl!


The school diary read..

“Dear Parent, please teach [My daughter] this solo verse as she prepares for drama festival.”

Whaat?, I thought. Wasn’t the arrangement supposed to be that I pay the fees and YOU teach her? But deep down i was Swelling with pride. My 5 year daughter had been chosen to represent her class in reciting a poem during drama festivals. Here is how the poem goes..

I can tie my shoe,
I can brush my hair,
I can wash my hands and face
And dry myself with care.

I can clean my teeth too,
And fasten up my frocks.
I can say how do you do,
and pull up both my socks.

That was two weeks ago. Since then we have been rehearsing and practicing. Her confidence is impressive! And she says it so well.

Today is drama day. And she went out there to make us proud…

Go Melissa go!

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