Is It Friday Yet?

I resisted the urge to scream when it became apparent that my house help was leaving last Saturday. Morning. I wanted to scream because my children were not to attend school this whole week due to KCPE exams going on. I wanted to scream because of the pile of dirty laundry that was looking at me it is on Saturday morning when I sleep off all the week’s fatigue. I wanted to scream because I shall be travelling in a week’s time and I shall be away from home for days. How are the girls going to cope being minded by someone they are not used to (that is if I get a replacement)? I wanted to scream because she was so good with the kids. I wanted to scream because my kids believed her when she lied to them she will be coming back. I know. She was just trying to be nice.

Without help around the house I had two options. Be superwoman or do what I can. I chose to do what I can. But it ain’t that bad now. It was worse when the kids were really small and your house help left you. They always do by the way. House helps leave when you need them most. That is why I don’t like getting too friendly with my house helps. Let them befriend my kids. In fact that is part of their job description – to get along with the kids. I learnt that being nice to your house help does not mean that she will be nice enough to give you a notice that she’s leaving. You know that saying …it is the people closest to you hurt you most? That’s what I mean.

But life goes on. On Sunday there was a wedding ceremony at church. The simplicity of the ceremony was something to admire. No veils or motorcades or envious brides maids. Just the couple and their best couple. The lady wore a simple white kitenge and the man a black suit and tie. The priest made a lengthier sermon because of this ceremony. He gave several stories some of which I have seen in form of e-mail forwards. Yap. Our priest is that un-original internet savvy!

If there is anything that has helped me get through this week it is the #KCPE2010 Trending Topic on Twitter that got trending internationally which is a BIG DEAL 🙂 . Sample this (Pardon me if I don’t give credit. There were a lot of  retweets so it’s hard to know who ORIGINALLY said what):
• #KCPE2010 Andika Sentensi isiyozidi herufi 140
• #KCPE2010 Which part of the name Kenya Power doesn’t KPLC take seriously? A)Kenya B)Power
• #KCPE2010 Mary uses Kshs.20 to call her friend for 6 minutes i) Which network is Mary on? ii) How many bonga points does Mary get?

Somehow I have survived this week so far. Thank God for the gift of family and friends. My girls are fine and happy. I am too. And I am hopeful that I will get another house help soon. I have got lots to do at work too. So much work that I didn’t realize that I removed my wedding ring on Tuesday night as I was doing some cleaning and since then it has been hanging on a hook  in the laundry room.

Otherwise, I am looking forward to, no, super excited about the trip I mentioned that I’ll be making soon. The only problem is that I shall miss spending my wedding anniversary with hubby and I shall miss my daughter’s graduation. Yes. Little miss is graduating to Primary school.

Now, tell me when Friday is here so I can toast to another week  gone from my 2010 calendar.

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