Spiritual Sunday

I have been thinking about this for a while now. If I was a preacher i’d say the Lord has been speaking to me! I am starting a category in this blog called Spiritual Sunday. Whenever possible, every Sunday I shall be blogging about something spiritual, a lesson i have learnt, a verse I have read, or a sermon that touched me.

I was brought up in a Christian family. Every Sunday we faithfully went to church. There was no question about it. If it was Sunday, we all went to church. I still go to church every Sunday.  Almost.

As children, going to church was  always exciting because we got to dress in our Sunday best. As a little girl, my best part during mass was when it was time to take sadaka (offering). After taking mine, I enjoyed sitting back and being treated to a fashion show.  See everyone wore their best outfit on Sunday and as I sat and watched the rest queue up to take their offering, I couldn’t help but admire their outfits. Being a teacher’s kid meant I was one of the classy ones in my village so my outfit was better than most. 😎 But if I happened to see another kid (mostly another teacher’s child) with a better outfit than mine, i’d make a mental note and later, try to get my mum to buy me an outfit like that. Where I schooled at the time, the school rules dictated that every child in the school would have their hair shaved, always. This meant that every so often, one would be subjected to a hair cutting session that would be carried out using a pair of tailoring scissors. 🙁 I can still hear in my head the sound of the big silver ‘singer’ scissors my dad used to shave us with but that is a story for another day.

As girls, it depressed us to have our hair shaved and we would fantasize a lot about having long hair and being able to blowdry hot comb it. That is why every Sunday at the part where the priest prays that the Lord fulfill the desires in our hearts, i’d quickly whisper Long Hair. Dear God,  I want to have long hair. I did this consistently for those many years I was a kid.

Now I remember it and smile. See, God heard my prayer and He answered it. I now have long hair! God granted me long hair. I have remembered this simple lesson in my life many times since then : God. Answers. Prayer.

My inspiration for going to church has since changed. I no longer go to church to see people’s outfits. I go to church coz it says somewhere in the Bible that ”…where two or three are gathered in the Lord’s name then He is there amongst them.’  I go to church to feed my soul. I go to church as an attempt to Honor the Lord’s Day and keep it Holy . I go to church because my parents taught me it was the right thing to do. And I want my kids to learn that from me as well. Most importantly, I go to pray because at least I am sure that God IS there because out of all those people in church half of whom are sleeping with their eyes awake have come to church for other reasons, there must be two or three people who are gathered there in the Lords name!

Blessed Sunday and week everyone!

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