The Day I Became Mrs Mwiti

Today is the anniversary of the day I married the man I love.  22nd of November 2008 was the day. As expected, every November 22nd is therefore very special. This one is no exception.  It is the first wedding anniversary that I am spending away from my beloved.  I am in India, attending a one week long seminar where I am staying in this room that has absolutely taken my breath away *gasp*.

But even though I am thousands of miles away, my heart, mind and soul are always entangled with that of that wonderful man, who is my husband. In pictures, here are a few memories of the day I love to remember…

If my wedding pictures were burning, I would save this picture. This picture is worth a thousand words, and more. Venue : St Benedicts Monastery Tigoni

Venue : Kentmere black and white..


...and more happiness..

We will share everything..

Happy anniversary to the love of my life Mr. Mwiti.  To borrow from our wedding  DVD theme song :

I say The Grace,

You say Amen

We are each other’s


This is a perfect love we share

You are the answer to my prayer.

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