Bring Back My Churchill Live!

Watching  TV is not one of my pasttimes. It helps that i don’t watch soaps. I prefer instead, to watch reality shows like my kids conversing with each other, lovingly calling each other ‘my sister’ or even having a fight (not a physical fight).

But, there is one TV show I watch : Churchill Live. I religiously watched Churchill Live especially the first season and enjoyed every bit of it. In fact I couldn’t wait for season two. Come season two and the first episode had me in stitches, because it was a recap of the first season. Things have changed though. …and someone is losing the plot.

Take last episode for example. Bringing Vioja Mahakamani guys to come and do comedy was a joke. It  would have been better if Churchill had profiled them say about their personal lives. That would have been much more interesting.

For months, Churchill was the highlight of my Thursday. Now, I don’t even look forward to it. I mourn the loss of Churchill Live, the hilarious Churchill Live. And please, don’t recycle that joke about all parents being no.1 again. We have heard that a million times already? I don’t care what you do, just bring back my Churchill Live! 🙁

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