‘My’ Songs – Songs I Love

In no particular order these are songs i love listening to. They cheer me up, they are laden with memories..they are close to my heart.They are songs i hear and smile to myself or just sing along.

  1. High by Light House Family – I am at home back at the village listening to the radio one lazy afternoon. I heard this beautiful song and loved it instantly. It was like falling in love at first er…hear. I came to Google it years later and listened to it on Youtube. Now I have it even in my computer at work. I never tire of listening to it. Very positive, inspirational.
  2. See you when you get there by Coolio – I love this song, especially when played really loud. Speaking of which, whatever happened to Coolio?
  3. Life goes on by Tupac – Again , I heard this song on my little radio at home years ago and couldn’t stop humming it. Only recently is when I paid attention to the rest of the lyrics which are a bit on the wild side as is expected of Tupac. Prior to that, I only got, “Life goes on” and the beautiful beats. Reminds me of a time in my life that I could have given up but I didn’t.
  4. Our Father by Don Moen – Really worshiping God, in song.
  5. God will make a way by Don Moen – I believe this song. Every word of it. I have seen it happen, in my life.
  6. Let the peace of God reign by Hillsongs – Just love the lyrics. Its a prayer.
  7. Sina Mungu mwingine by Reuben Kigame – I love EVERYTHING by Reuben Kigame but I single out this one. It makes me think…and pray.
  8. Heaven I need a hug by R Kelly – I love the beat in this song.
  9. Its my Life by Bon Jovi – Apparently I love rock.
  10. Looking back Over my shoulder by Mike and the Mechanics – Did I mention I love rock? yes, kinda.
  11. You deserve the best by Atlantic star (I guess) – I love hearing these words over and over again.
  12. The one by Backstreet Boys – This song makes me smile.
  13. I will be there by Michael Jackson – My favorite MJ song.

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