From India With Love : Part One

I will remember my visit to India for a long time. I will remember it for more reasons than the mouth watering indian cuisine and the orgasmic desserts that marked our stay at the Optus Sarovar Premiere Hotel. Here, is my attempt to share with you a few things that have made this week memorable.

Hard to say Goodbye

The cab guy picked my colleague and I at around 7:30 in the evening, amid protests from my daughters, especially my younger daughter who wanted me to feed her…See, she’s the baby and sometimes she just loves to feel like a baby so I hold her on my lap and feed her. She’s four. She’s the family baby, my baby.

The few days prior to my scheduled travel date, I had tried to sell the idea of me being away to my girls. I wanted to make them understand that soon, for several days, they shall not see mummy. As expected, this was met with resistance. That is why leaving saddened me a little. But I was excited all the same. Tonight I was going to see the inside of an aeroplane. See until last Saturday I had never flown before in my life. Yeah. You can give me that look, if you are Kenyan and have been to the Mara. 🙂

We were dropped at the airport at around 8:00PM. Flight was at 25 minutes to midnight. After a million checks and having some snacks we checked in for our flight at Half past nine.

Flying for Dummies

Check in basically involves the airline staff checking if you have everything ready for the flight mainly your Visa and other travel documents. Travelling to most countries will require that you have been given a Yellow Fever jab prior (which costs a little less than Kshs.2000).  When you are given the jab, they hand you a Yellow Fever certificate that will require to be shown before you can be allowed out of the country. Part of the process also involves filling in a form that is taken to the immigration department. If you meet all requirements, it is then that you hand over your baggage to the airline. Baggage is luggage that you are not allowed to carry in the cabin. Finally, you are issued with a boarding pass. From here you sit in a designated area and wait till you are told you can board. The ever smilling hostesses are very helpful.

Here are a few other things I picked out from my first ever flying experience :

Aeroplane meals are not as bland as people say. Atleast not for this particular airline.

Inflight meals also sometimes refers to meals eaten outside the plane. If say you are going from destination A to C via B using airline Z, then when you stop over at B, you are entitled to one (inflight) meal at stop over B courtesy of airline Z  but only applies if you are connecting from B to C via the same airline(Z). Again, that is according to this airline I flew with.

Using the examples above, If your final destination is C, that is where your baggage will be sent directly, on check in. This means when you alight (stop over) at B, you do not have to worry about your baggage.

Don’t worry if the airline mishandles your luggage consequently sending it to the opposite side of the globe. You will eventually get it two days down the line, after you have been forced to make an important presentation in jeans and sneakers.(at least that’s what happened to my colleague). 🙁

No one makes out in airplane toilets. They are far  too small and are located in the full view of most passengers. That stuff only happens in the movies.

When this happens, to its wings, the plane is not falling apart. *horror* This happens when it is almost landing. (Please correct me if am wrong).

When you reach your destination, be sure to set your alarm clock  before you sleep. Don’t count on waking up at the usual time, you do at home. Your body is still operating on the time zone it is used to. :/

Get used to being called maám or sir, especially if you are going to be staying at the Optus Sarovar Premiere…

Optus Sarovar Primiere

Staying at this hotel has been one of the most refreshing things. The images in their website, don’t do this paradise of a place any justice. Here is a picture of the room I am staying in…a room that has inspired my future bedroom design.

One day when i buy/build my own house, the master bedroom must look like this, or better!  And that, is a promise i made to myself. If they had bathtubs, and a balcony overlooking a beach, rooms at the Sarovar Premiere would be simply heaven on earth.

With a fully stocked mini bar, an impecable interior, a large plasma TV and a mini office, this Sarovar is perfect, whether you are staying for business, or for pleasure.

Staff here are extremely courteous (opening doors for you and even bowing) and very helpful, always asking if they can help you with anything. I love the part where they knock in the evenings and politely ask you if they can bring in your chocolate…the yummiest of chocolates wrapped in a lovely golden box. I could live here!

Here are more photos..

I am travelling back home on 27th. That means I shall miss my daughter’s graduation that is happening on 26th. Hopefully I can see her in her little gown over Skype chat….and congratulate her.

Still got unfinished business in India, which includes learning how to tie a Sari. More of that  should be in part two of From India with love.

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