Power to Proceed!

Move over Safaricom choir! Make way for my daughter’s class…

Brookhill school Pre-Primary class 2010

This was my daughter’s graduation day. 26th November 2010. Little miss and her classmates looked so adorable. On this day, they were given power to proceed to primary school.

Even though i missed this occassion I was well represented..

Father and daughter

And guess who was the guest of honour? None other than ‘Charity’ the Mother in Law!

....someone is hungry and it's showing. Kids little stomachs don't handle lengthy official functions that well!

Mother In Law

I bet you probably never knew that Mother in Law was a University lecturer for several years. She holds a masters degree and several other Diplomas. Her kids are all grown up and acting was something she decided to do to occupy herself after her retirement. Now, I don’t watch Mother-In-Law, but I have a new found respect for Charity. She is an inspiration. I see her as a heroin. And I cannot think of a better person who would have graced that occasion.

Congratulations are in order for Bunny the young graduate! As a mum, it gives me more joy than I can put in words.

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