Having Dreadlocks

I wanted to do a post that summarizes all the stuff that happened in my life throughout the year. After writing this dreadlocks bit, it occurred to me that it’s going to be one hell of a long post. And because I don’t want you to sleep reading my blog, I decided I’d break things down; after all my year is not done yet! Next week Bunny turns 6 which also means that I’ll be celebrating 6 years of motherhood. As for now, do read along as I share my experience with having dreadlocks the past one year.

My husband is my best friend. He randomly does nice things for me…like the day two weeks ago when he stopped a lady to ask her who does her hair. That is how I was introduced to Moha, my new hair stylist. My search for a good locks stylist just ended.  As 2010 ends I celebrate my dreadlocks first birthday. Weekly re twists over the last 12 months and 7 different hairdressers (trying to get the best) down the line, my dreadlocks have never looked better. A few months back I had them dyed to ‘add character’ to them, whatever that means!

This was in October

I took a step of faith one fine day at the end of December 2009 and went to the best salon I knew to have my hair styled into dreadlocks. I am saying a step of faith because there are certain expectations…myths if you may, surrounding people with dreadlocks. Some employers even frown upon them or ban them all together. But I was excited. I had wanted to have dreads for quite a long time. In fact If I may reveal, one day in 2007,  the weekend before I reported for my first ‘real’  job, I went and had dreadlocks done…only for me to wash them a day later effectively untangling them. I didn’t want to start at my new workplace with my bosses forming certain perceptions about me. I wasn’t sure. One year ago I felt I was ready.

The inspiration behind me having dreadlocks is this picture. 🙂 OK am kidding (not) . My main reason is that I love my natural hair –  kinky & African. Secondly, I hate having to figure out what to do with my hair every now and then and that having  hair braided takes almost a working day worth of hours only for for it to start looking not-so-neat after a week.  Having locks means I ALREADY know what am going to do with my hair even before making a salon appointment. Perhaps the best advice I have ever received about keeping dreadlocks is to have them washed and re twisted every week. Dreadlocks will either look very good or very bad. If you are in an office setting you want them to always look neat and clean. There is no room for unkempt dreadlocks in the office unless you are an artist(e?).

I have been asked over a dozen times whether my locks are permanent. When I say they are permanent there’s more shock…

“So what will you do when you no longer want them?” , they implore.

“I will just cut them off.”

At this point they usually give up. Something about women and their hair. Once again I’ll reference the some time in early 2007 , when I went to a barber and had my hair cut to the root. Of course what followed was that my mum harassed me into growing it back. I love mums. They have such power over us even when we are all grown and no longer living with them. *SMH*

What I was saying is that there is a difference between a woman who has ever lost  her hair and one who hasn’t. A woman who has lost her hair is not afraid of loosing it…..again.

Still on dreadlocks, I like the mystery that comes with having dreadlocks. People are not sure whether you belong to a sect, or subscribe to a ‘movement’ or you are a drug dealer. See, dreadlocks are not a hairstyle, they are a lifestyle.

As we end 2010 I am glad that I have come from being asked…”Haiya! Those  those  are dreadlocks?” to being told…. ” You make me want to have dreadlocks.” I am also happy that apart from a little curiosity, no one has raised a finger about my hairstyle not being appropriate for the office. They understand, I am not my hair.

Christmas is just a coupla days away. I am sending out my hearty wishes for a Joyful Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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