10 Lessons I Have Learnt Blogging

Once they start calling you ‘blogger’ there is no turning back. For me, it’s been almost a year now, writing this blog. I have been inspired by many bloggers before me, some of whom I will profile in a different post.

This post seeks to share my experience in those 11 months or so I have been blogging.

  1. Mind your layout – Your website theme is an expression of who you are. Having said that, just because you love using small fonts or extremely colorful backgrounds does not mean the average reader appreciates that. Keep your layout as simple as possible. Another thing. My Web graphics lecturer (or whatever it was called back at campus), told us that human eyes are used to a dark writing on a lighter back ground. I don’t know if that makes sense …What I mean is, since you were little, all through school you read books written in a black font on a white background. Somehow you grow to accept that as the standard and even when you are grown, your eyes(brain?) rebel when you have to read say, a white font on a black background. Further, he said that a web page should not contain more than 4 different colors . Ensure that you make your font friendly…and big enough. No one, but your relatives 🙂 is going to squint to read what you have written. Still on formatting, insert an image or two in your posts to break the monotony. And, format your work in paragraphs for chrissake! 
  2. Blog it coz you love it – Don’t be under pressure to blog about any particular subject. Blog what you love to talk about, or things that you feel strongly opinionated about.
  3. Everyone needs a little encouragement – Don’t be shy to ask a friend, a sister, a spouse to read your post and give you tips on where you are doing it right and where you are not.
  4. Would I read this? – A writer (hehehe , see how I now elevate blogger to writer 🙂 )can make a story out of anything. Once the blogging bug bites you, you will feel like blogging about every little event in your life. But ask yourself, if i was the reader, would I be interested in reading this? Why would I read this? Is it inspiring, informative maybe, or is it entertaining?
  5. Share it – Don’t feel shy marketing your blog but don’t make your every tweet/status update about your blog.
  6. Do unto others …- Remember when you were in school and your grammar teacher encouraged you to read other people’s compositions? It’s the same thing with blogs. Read what others have written. Not only will you broaden your own thinking, you will learn from them. Also take time to leave your comment. It shall be done unto you…hopefully!
  7. Keep it short – Most readers are stealing their employer’s time reading your blog in a hurry. Unless you can write like this, or your blog post contains information that can be used in a thesis, keep it short. Internet users are known to be impatient. And you can’t blame them. There is A LOT to do on the internet. They will simply move on to the next interesting thing…on another website.
  8. Variety – Give your readers a ‘balanced diet’. Short posts, long posts, picture posts, hilarious poss, ‘deep’ posts…
  9. Don’t be discouraged, keep writing – If you love writing, keep doing it. Just because people are not commenting does not mean that they are not reading. Don’t worry if you post something and no one seems to notice it. Some time mid next century you will meet with someone that will tell you,” OMG! That was a nice post on….’ (the same post that got the least, or no comment). Then you will give them a look that says If ONLY you had left a comment…I wouldn’t have died a million deaths thinking I bored my readers. While still on this, posts that you spend so much time on, or your personal favorite posts may not do so well in terms of likes and comments. Why? I don’t know! You tell me. Tell me why Anatomy of the Kenyan House help is not right there at the top of the ‘most popular posts’ on this blog.
  10. Cultivate your own style – Be inspired by others but do it your own way. As they say, no one can do you better than you!

Bonus : It’s YOUR blog! Have fun with it. If they don’t like it, that’s THEIR problem.

I was going to tag Savvy Kenya on this post but she did a great  post on it already while I was still fumbling with my drafts considering what to post next. Be sure to check out Bikozulu’s and  Pioneer woman‘s awesome posts on this topic too.

And now, it is my honor to tag Kawiria , Kbaab and Raymond . I would love to read your ’10 lessons I have learnt blogging.’

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