Wentworth Miller is Gay?!

***SPOILER ALERT – if you have not watched, Prison Break up until Prison Break : The final break then do yourself a favor and move on to another post.***


Hold up, Wentworth Miller is gay?! Damn.

Who didn’t like Wentworth Miller when he played Michael Scofield in Prison Break?

Truth be told, I watched Prison Break  because of Michael. I watched to see Michael worm his way into Sarah’s heart (which wasn’t so hard because he was kind, smart, romantic, gentle and drop-dead gorgeous!) I watched to see him literally take bullets for her!

It is bad enough that the script writer killed him towards the end of  Prison break but now he is gay?! Please tell me it’s a  lie. I’m having a problem reconciling Michael THE man with Wentworth Miller who is now someone’s girlfriend?

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