Impaired Concentration

Monday afternoon. I should be asleep. Really. The medicines i have just taken don’t warrant me to operate any machinery. I am convinced that baby Sherry, my laptop, is among machinery I shouldn’t be operating right now, in the irritable state that I am in. I keep yelling at her. Poor baby. But I can’t sleep. Where is sleep when you need it?

I am not at work today. I took the day off to go to hospital. Am having this breathless feeling, like when I breathe in, the air I breathe in does not reach the depths of my lungs, and no, I don’t have asthma. But I liked the doctor I saw today. She figured it out rather quickly. After prescribing several medicines she said I should be fine in a couple of days. And I believe her, because she wore a white coat and thin spectacles that made her look  like a keen scientist. ?

Among the medicines I have been given is one that bears a warning ‘Can cause addiction’. Now that’s scary.  Another says that in addition to drowsiness, I will also experience impaired concentration. It’s a good thing I am not working today because I can’t figure myself on the phone saying…”Sorry, could you say that again? My concentration is a little impaired today…”

Last week was an interesting week. I made it through my presentation and also learnt quite a lot from the others at the Kenya ICT board’s Tandaa Symposium. Further, I learnt through skajuju who was kind enough to share this link with me, some presentation making secrets, that we can borrow from Steve Jobs. In this day and age, I am made to understand, people do not use bullet points in Powerpoint presentations! Apparently, it is sooo last century.

To the relief of anyone who attended the event,and is reading this, I didn’t find it necessary to use my public speaking tip. 😀

Over the weekend I watched a movie called Closer. Closer is a weird movie. The kind you watch and you are left wondering what the moral of the story was. It is an interesting movie though. It is about romance and seduction….

Clearly, I am not going anywhere with this post. Blame it on my impaired concentration. Sleep is now catching on. Let me see if I can have some shut eye before the little darlings come from school.

I wish you a happy week!

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