What’s in my handbag

I am afraid that writing this post will bring out how cluttered my life really is (some times I have got stuff in my handbag that I didn’t even know is there), but am gonna do it anyway because  my girl Carole tagged me in this post.

While I marvel at how much stuff she actually carries in her big handbag, I admire her sophistication. In contrast, I am quite a simple girl as evidenced by the contents of my handbag….at the moment:

My wallet – Containing among other things, several receipts from the supermarket and 230 Indian Rupees. I keep them as a reminder of my visit to India.

Two rosaries – Actually I didn’t know they were two until now. I always carry a rosary with me.

A Nokia c3-00 mobile phone.

Nivea lip gloss.

Nivea lip balm.

Oriflame tender care (or something like that) – Got it after a friend convinced me that Oriflame ‘Natural Swedish products’ are the coolest thing yet. So I got a couple of ’em products. Including Oriflame tender care. I am yet to find the difference between Oriflame tender care and Vaseline……except that  it costs a fortune more.

Looks good but disappontingly it has no scent

Vaseline – Can’t live without it.

My daughter’s sunglasses – “Bunny, look! I found your sunglasses!”  She has been looking for them for the last one hour. What she won’t know is that all the while they have been in mummy’s handbag…

Business card holder.

Business cards.

A small bag containing coins.

A small black Oracle note book  with a plastic cover.

An Oracle pen.

Receipts. Receipts. And more receipts.



Random coins including a 2 INR coin.

Toothpaste and tooth brush.

A handkerchief.

Kajune‘s handkerchief.

Passport – I lost my ID .It’s been a year. Replacing it has been a nightmare.

Antiseptic wipes.

A pair of earrings – I don’t actually remember putting them in my handbag.

There. No pepper spray. At the moment. 🙂

If you are lady and are reading this What’s in your handbag?

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