Why Platonic Relationships Don’t Work

I have absolutely no problem with having friends of the opposite sex. Actually, personally I have several male friends. Enter the word platonic and I smell trouble.

According to dictionary.com , a platonic friendship/platonic love is “an intimate companionship or relationship, especially between two persons of the opposite sex, that is characterized by the absence of sexual involvement…”

I do not believe in platonic friendships. I will tell you why.

If I may quote an article I read, “a platonic friend is someone you are having an emotional relationship with.” A platonic friend is someone you call when you ‘just want to talk’, or are having a bad day…or when you are having a conflict in your relationship. See, no one ‘understands you’ more than your platonic friend.

Now, right there is where it gets complicated.

Men are wired differently from women. As a woman, you can tell your ‘girlfriend’ your problems and they will just listen or cry with you..or offer advice, or even pray for/with you! Tell a man you are having a problem and he will want to SOLVE it. It’s in their blood I guess. When you tell a man intimate details regarding what problems you are having with your spouse/boyfriend ,  it arouses his need as a man to protect(you) and provide(you with what you are lacking). From there, it gets dangerous.

The same can be said of women. So apparently, your platonic friend is having this really nasty girlfriend who is driving him nuts? He comes to you and you are his shoulder to lean on. As a woman, this arouses your need to comfort him. A seemingly harmless hug clouded with the ‘we are just friends’ kind of thinking… and soon the hug will turn into something else.

Platonic friends, are NOT ‘just friends’.

With time a platonic friendship turns from emotional to physical…and nothing ends a platonic relationship faster than sex. Or  maybe it is platonic relationships that develop into what they call ‘friends with benefits’? In my view, the two reasons why a platonic friendship would work is if one of the friends is gay , or if the two of them are at least 100 years old. 🙂

I don’t know about you, but that’s just how I feel about platonic friendships. Over to you!

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