How Do I Get Over Him?

Following last week’s post on why platonic relationships don’t work, which evoked quite an interesting discussion, I got this e-mail from Cynthia :

I started interacting with this guy, let’s call him Ken, for about 2 months and I felt such a connection. (not platonic) both of us knew we would build it to something meaningful.

Anyway somewhere in February he was bogged down by family and financial problems. He stopped talking to me completely. Any effort to try and talk was met with resistance. It’s as though he put a fence around his wall.

After endless and sleepless nights, I resolved to give him time to work out his issues.

The problem is he’s always on my mind. It’s as though I keep on thinking about him. Just yesterday I counted and I had improved to 28 times a day. Every time my mind slips that way i work hard to replace the thought with something else.

I really really want to live my life. How can I go about this effectively?

A month should have been enough time to grieve over a friend.

Give me your scathing truth.

P/s: I’ve read everything on getting over someone and followed step by step.


Tell me, is this a classic case of  ‘the one that got away’ or two people in a relationship ‘going through a rough patch’ ? Have you ever been in a similar situation?  No?  Then maybe you’ve got a word of advice for Cynthia here?

In her e-mail, she adds “I’ve always believed talking to strangers gives you insight in matters that you would never have thought.”

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