Things My Kids Say

Tell me, why does Jesus wear only one clothe throughout? OK, First of all, what is the singular of the word ‘clothes’?  Not clothe’?  Try telling that to my 6 year old daughter, Bunny.

Most of my Madaraka day was spent in the house. Hubby was leaving to go on a Safari. On my way from seeing him off I shopped for some soft drinks and snacks. I went home and made a nice meal – what my daughters wanted.When food was ready, I laid down everything on the table, the food, the drinks, the snacks..When we were eating, Kajune my younger daughter all of a sudden looked up from her food and said, “Mum, we are having a party.”

Seeing the world through your child’s eyes has to be one of the greatest things about parenting. It’s the questions they ask. It’s the observations they make. It is how they say them…

I don’t wonna lie

My class one daughter’s class teacher is a good teacher. She genuinely loves the children and teaches them to love and fear God.

“Mum, I want to help you to sweep.” , offered Bunny one day when they were on holiday.

“No, look baby, when you grow older you can help me. When you are eight, you will be helping me wash the dishes, clean your room…”

She looks at me straight in the eye and says “But our teacher said we help our parents during the holidays and she is going to ask us and I don’t want to lie!”


Was it hired?

I explained to Bunny that the tent our neighbor had put up on her front yard recently when she had a party, was hired. Of course she asked what is hired and I explained the best way I could.

“Mum, what about the tent that Abraham (of the Bible) had, was it hired or it was his”? 🙂

I will cry!

Kajune, the baby of the house says the most interesting things. From the touching ones, “Mum

Bunny & Kajune

if you do that, I will cry.”( This declaration is made normally after a threat has been issued… that of her ears being pinched.) ;  to the grammatically incorrect, “Mum, I feel like being feeden by you.”;  to her very own blends of Swahili and English like “youwe” (you/wewe) and “wosha” (wash/osha).

She will ask questions like what what are pears made from. Our lil girl is at an exploratory age, where they are trying to find answers for all the whys.

YOU said..

That the baby of the house has slowly turned from a baby to a little girl is not lost on us and we let her know as much. “Baby girl, you have grown so big”, we are constantly telling her.

But little miss would not mind being a baby much longer. She insists on not sleeping on our bed on most nights.

“Ma, I want to sleep in your bed.”
“Baby girl you cannot sleep in my bed.”
“Because, my bed is for big people only. Like me, or papa.”
“But you said am big!”

Pahaha! Er, baby actually that’s THE problem.

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