Of Birthers And Royalty

A lot has happened this past week,  from the killing of Osama to the beautification of John Paul the second, to a girl becoming a queen-in-waiting.

And if I cared about football, then I would mention last Wednesday’s El-Classico watched by 2 billion people across the globe. Because I cannot settle on what to blog about this week, this is where I ramble randomly about random stuff that has taken place recently, like birthers and royal weddings..


Who knows who/what a birther is? I consider myself knowledgeable about birth issues being a mother of two, and having done enough research about it to write a white paper on the same. But, birther? Never come across the word until days ago. Pray, who is a birther? This is where the urban dictionary comes in handy.

A birther, is a conspiracy theorist who believes that Barack Obama is ineligible for the Presidency of the United States, based on any number of claims related to his place of birth, birth certificate, favorite birthday, or whether or not he has heard the song Africa by Toto. i.e  “Did you know that Barack Obama’s parents concealed the location of his birth because they knew he would grow up to be President? What? Of course it makes sense, I’m a birther!” 🙂

If you find that definition too wordy, here is what a birther is in other words :

A racist sore loser who can’t deal with having a black president so they make up absurd conspiracy theories about Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

Last week, Obama released his birth certificate putting the birther issue to rest.  And finally, “Donald Trump can now focus on more important things like…did we fake the moon landing?…” . If you haven’t, listen to this hilarious Obama speech at the White house Correspondents dinner last weekend : President Obama Roasts Donald Trump At White House Correspondents Dinner

All that Royalty

On Friday someone told me I looked elegant. I don’t know but I was dressed in a t-shirt and torn jeans being a casual Friday. My guess is that they had been streaming the royal wedding on their comp all morning…and in the process had caught the Royal Wedding Fever because I cannot think of a more appropriate adjective to describe Catherine Middleton’s look at her wedding, than ELEGANT.

Kate Middleton, The duchess of cambridge

At lunch on Friday, I had the pleasure of watching part of the Royal wedding . I watched the part where Kate stepped out of the car to a cheering crowd to go and wed her prince. I was taken in by the beauty of the ceremony and the magnificent gown that was her wedding dress and how elegantly she carried herself.

Thanks to the long weekend and I have seen every possible picture from the royal wedding allowing my mind to soak in all that royalty. It was truly an amazing ceremony befitting a queen.. Above all, I liked the way the couple looked at each other and whispered things to each other, like they were in their own little world oblivious of the fact that billions were watching them. And to save us from so much speculation of what the love birds were whispering to each other, they got a lip reader to decode the secret conversations.

The royal Kiss

They kissed, twice. So much was the cheering when they kissed that it got to the nerves of this junior bridesmaid 🙁  Nothing is perfect. Not even a royal wedding!

Not so loyal

And so, everyone was watching, even those who pretended not to care, and the critics. Like this Huffington post reader (See below).  But it is the sub comment that totally killed me. 😀

I wish the two have a great marriage. Meanwhile, I am still digesting all the new vocabularies that my high school history teacher forgot to mention, like duke, duchess and dutchy….and what on earth is the difference between a duchess and a princess? Anyone?

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