My 5 Links

Kenyan fashion queen Styifiq, the bubbly Kawiria and the mysterious Mackel9 have tagged me. The challenge? To highlight five links from my blog under various categories.

So here goes….











  • Most popular post

Because I am a woman got an impressive number of Facebook likes shares. In terms of comments, then see ‘Most Popular Posts’ section.

  • Post that didn”t get the attention it deserved

Everyone should read Let’s talk about sex – a continuation.

  • Post whose success surprised me

Wentworth MIller is Gay?! – It still amazes me. If you go to Google and type “Is Wentworth Miller Gay?”, will come up in the top 10 search results.

  • Most controversial post

Right or justifiable has got to be that.

  • The post I am most proud of

This must be Are you on Facebook because it made it to the Business Daily.


There. Those are my five links.

PS : I would like to acknowledge eGichomo who started this. If you are a blogger, let’s keep this going.

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