I am a Mum & I am Thankful

“You have beautiful children”, I said to the man at the end of the line.

(chuckles) “No, YOU have beautiful children”, he teased.

I had been looking at them for two full minutes. Some things in this world are perfect.

I let my mind wander…

Once in a while we get a chance to laugh wholeheartedly. The kind of laughter that shakes every part of your shoulders body. The kind of laughter that is medicine. I remembered in particular, one incident that had made me laugh that way. On Mashujaa day, I was home just lounging. Late afternoon, Daddy had gone to the barber’s so it was just me and the girls, chilling, just talking about this and that. At such times they get into a lovey dovey mood and tell me stuff like “You and papa are the best parents in the world.” 🙂

Now, I learnt how to kiss from Wild Rose. No, I’ll rephrase that. I learnt what kissing is from Wild Rose, or was it No One But You? Perhaps it was The Rich Also Cry. Anyway, I learnt that kissing someone means I love you. And because the love of my life at that time was my mum, I’d attempt to kiss my mum. On the lips. And she hated it. Lol. She’d be so reluctant that my kiss more often than not, ended up on her cheek. Now, my children were doing the same thing. I laughed. I laughed hard. They laughed harder. I told them I used to attempt to kiss my mum, when I was their age and she always rejected it. This only made them plant more and more kisses. On my lips. “Girls, we have talked about this.”, I told them still laughing. “You cannot kiss me on the lips.” More laughter. More kisses.

Mirror mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all.

Some things are perfect. Like the sight of children sleeping, peacefully.

That was Thursday last week. I had just coaxed Bunny and Kajune to bed. Someone said “a kid will run any errand for you, if you ask at bedtime.” As a mother, I know that one of the most difficult things to do, is to get your children to go to bed, without having to adapt a policeman-like stance. But I had a plan. Since hubbs is away for the week I had asked them to come sleep in my bed today. They had ran to bed shrieking happily. I had underestimated how tired their little selves were so I had told them to settle in, while I get a bedtime story to read them. I had picked the ‘Children’s Bible’ and was looking for the shortest most interesting story. “Girls am here!”, I had announced on reaching my bedroom door – only to find them sleeping. I had looked at them. Really looked at them. I had whispered a small prayer of thanks giving and took the phone and called my husband. “You have beautiful children” , was all I could think of.


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