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When cleaning out my closet which I do like once in a lifetime periodically, I bump into stuff.Last week I bumped into a journal I had scribbled on and I always wonder when I wrote all that stuff! Anyway, the journal is from 2009 which now  seems like a whole lifetime ago. These are excerpts from my journal , which was a Kasuku excercise book belonging to my daughter ^_^ :

Some quite straight forward (or seemingly so!) verses I know :

These words recorded in Mathew 5:34-37 , were said by Jesus : “Do not swear. Do not swear at all! Do not swear by heaven for it is God’s throne. Neither by the earth for it is His footstool, neither by your head, for you cannot turn any of your hair white or black. Simply say yes, I will or no I won’t. Anything beyond this is from the evil one.”

Some versions of the Bible say, do not vow. Hmmm. Apparently to vow is to swear. Any priests/pastors out there? @PastorWa?

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Another is :

You are to live clean, innocent lives as children of God in a dark world full of people who are crooked and stubborn. Shine out among them like a beacon of light.”. – Philippians 2:15

I must have been 15 when I first read that verse. This verse challenges me, as a Christian, up to this day.

Stuff about marriage :

To love is a decision.

To respect is a decision

These things should not depend on the other’s actions

You have to love and respect regardless…

Inspired quotes :

“I am human. That means I have things I am good at, and things I am not so good in..”

“I am an individual. All the people in my life are also individuals. God has put them in my life to make it more bearable. But in the end, everyone is an individual. Everyone is responsible for their own happiness. I cannot control or change others. Maybe, just maybe, I can influence them. But in the end, I am an individual and I owe it to myself to become happy.”

And I must have heard this from some sermon..

Just like in accounting there is a debit entry for every credit entry , in life , for every yes, there is a no. If you have said yes to success in a particular area of your life and are failing, ask yourself if you have said yes but no corresponding no. The NOs are the sacrifices you have to make to achieve your YES’.

And there goes a Spiritual Sunday post! Remain blessed and have a good week!



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