Hell hath no fury like a Nyeri woman scorned

A joke doing the rounds now is that there is an offer running where the conditions are “Marry one Nyeri woman and be entered into a draw where you stand a chance to win an AK – 47 rifle.”

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If the recent goings-on are anything to go by then it is indeed safe to say that hell hath no fury like a Nyeri woman scorned!

The photo on the front page of that Saturday Nation last Saturday had most men and human rights activists rattled. As for the women, they shook their heads in silence but the ones who spoke about it wondered why the woman did not just pack up and leave if she was that embittered. Others wondered why it made the headlines , when if it had been a woman on the receiving end, it would be “other news.”

Whether the woman or the man is the victim , domestic violence is sad and pitiful with the most affected always being the children.

“When you fight with each other in front of your children, it changes who they are.” – Dr. Phil

Fighting does not have to be physical. Causing another emotional turmoil by insulting them , belittling or manipulating them also amounts to violence.

But perhaps the reason battered men’s stories make headlines is that when there is trouble in a relationship, society expects women to be the ones holding it together, struggling to make ends meet, hiding their pain and burying themselves in the Women’s Guild while the men, “drown their frustrations” in alcohol.


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