Home Alone

With her sister at Big Hill holiday camp , this week it has been just lil’ June and us. And she has had time to ask us all those questions she has always wanted to ask.

“Mum , water has which vitamin?”

Um , water has a whole lot of vitamins baby…..i mean er…minerals, that are good for us.

“And showering every day has what vitamin?” 😀

“Showering every day is good for the skin and it makes it easier for us to get Vitamin D from the sun” , I said feeling quite proud of the theory I had just invented. When you are a parent, you have to be creative.

When we dropped her sister to camp on Monday , she wanted to remain too.

However it would not have been possible as Big Hill holiday camps only admit 7 to 14 year olds. But she had a great time for the next hour or so , sampling the facilities available for the Big hill campers.

Daddy's girl

I can tell she misses her sister but she is also happy hogging our undivided attention. At night she comes with a book and either daddy or I read her a story , after which she says her bedtime prayers , which include the phrase , “Oh , God thank you for this NEW day.”

She’s so sweet , I can’t even correct her. 🙂

Today we are going to pick Bunny up from camp , and tonight parents are allowed to camp with the option of setting up a tent at the Big Hill camping grounds, if they want. Now, I’d be so excited about sleeping in a tent , had I not grown up in the rural areas.

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