Which One Should I Marry?

I am no expert in relationships , but I earned myself the agony aunt title when I received this E-mail from Cynthia over a year ago. 🙂

A few days back I received this e-mail from Ben :

I am in some kind of predicament that I would like your advice on, he wrote.

I am 30 years old, and not married. I have not been in anything close to a love relationship since the end of 2009. However , the whole of this year there is a lady that i have been seeing.

Source : http://www.bvblackspin.com

 In May, I left the country on work. While there I met a girl, and we seemed to hit off. Now comes my predicament: I was thinking about getting serious about the girl in Kenya, though there were some things I needed to get over , biggest being that she is older than me. The other one is younger than me but has a daughter.

What is you take on a guy marrying a lady older than himself (Consider Mrs Ntong’o’s advise of girls maturing faster than men) And would it be a good idea to marry someone who has a child or she will be concerned with the child than the relationship?

Before throwing in my 2 cents worth , I promised Ben I would put this up on the blog and ask the readers to share any word of advise they would have for him.

What’s your advise for Ben?

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