Get Esther and Timberlake off my TV screen!

It is true that one Esther Adongo and her entourage walked themselves into Nation center without invitation seeking a kind of press conference. Why does she feel obliged to prove a point? And what point is she desperate to prove anyway? That she is now a married to a man who looks and sounds so foolish it hurts?! “She’s mine,she’s mine..” he says winking and pointing at Esther like she’s some trophy. Talk about giving gold to the pigs.

Watching her and her husband cuddling for all the world to see how ‘in love’ they are, was like a watching a horror movie in slow motion. Since when did 30 year olds pull teen-age like stunts.How heart breaking must it be for her parents? What embarrassment it must cause them to see her like that.

It got me thinking, parents should never give up praying for their children.

As for Esther, that Timberlake husband of hers should give her a baby ASAP. From her actions(wiping his WHOLE face with a hanky and adjusting his shirt)she needs a baby to ‘mother’. Maybe that will occupy her enough so she doesn’t have to appear on my TV screen any time soon.

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