Another Milestone!

It’s my daughter’s tooth. It’s shaking. Actually two are. They are gonna come off! It’s a milestone.
I became a mum quite early in my life. What that means is that when I am 33, I will have a teenager and a pre-teen (which is worse?) living in my house 🙂 . As of now, I can only imagine how it’ll be. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there anyway. Meanwhile, I enjoy the adoration of two girls who often tell me ‘I love you mummy’ or ‘you are a good mummy’. The latter however comes when there is some mistake they have done which I have overlooked. Clever girls those are!

I have often wondered how old the kids the person who said Kuzaa si kazi, kazi ni kulea mwana (Giving birth is not work, raising a child is.) ,were. Maybe they were infants who kept everyone up at night with their cries, or they were the most terrible toddlers. Or maybe eye-rolling, back talking teenagers or young adults who did drugs or 37 year olds who had refused to settle.
Raising a child is work. That is why you look forward to and celebrate every little milestone.
When you have an infant you worry whether they have fed enough, slept enough. You worry whether they are sleeping in the correct position and you can only guess why they are crying when they do. Infants are so helpless! It’s a relief when they learn to sit on their own at around four months. Teething comes with share of problems and so does crawling. Thank God for baby walkers, which by the way, pediatricians frown upon. It’s always a Kodak moment when your baby makes their first strides.
One day I had come from work, my younger daughter, who we fondly refer to as Kababy and who was a year old then, walked across the room to meet me at the door. She had never walked before, you see. What joy! Amazingly, she didn’t walk again after that, until the day she turned one and a half!
Every child is as unique as their fingerprints and what works for one might not work for another.

Someone once said we spend the first year of a child’s life teaching them how to stand and the next two, teaching them how to sit down(the same can be said of talking). Terrible twos are experimenters and keeping up with them is quite a task. Every effort is made to ensure the environment is safe for these little explorers. That is why your kid’s first day at school is a heartbreak. You have done everything to ensure that home is safe and now, you are gonna hand them over to the WORLD….which is anything but safe!

My first born was a good feeder since when she was little but to get her sister to eat was always an energy draining, patience testing battle. I often fantasized about the moment when I could tell her “Baby here is your food. Sit down and eat.” For me it’s a miracle that I have lived that moment. They often eat by themselves these days but I enjoy feeding them as we bond. As I feed them they tell me about their day and about their fantasies like that of having a BIG brother. LoL “Mum, you said when we grow older we are going to have a big brother.”  😀 Now, I don’t remember saying that.

So my first born daughter’s tooth is shaking. She’s now going to shed off her baby teeth to make place for adult teeth.  As far as am concerned that’s the first step into adulthood. And I find that amazing.

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