Lessons from ‘The Secret’

‘The Secret’ is the most powerful film i have ever watched.It is a film about the Law Of Attraction(LOA), how one can be aware of it and use it for their benefit.I have watched it severally and every time i learn something new. I will keep growing this list therefore. But for now:

– Human beings are created in the image of God. This means that they can create their own realities in life.You have the power to attract experiences or things into your life.

– In life what you expect is what you get.

– Be grateful. Being grateful always brings more to be grateful for.

– You are what you think.You attract what you think of most.

– Don’t criticize or blame anyone, ever.

– Do not try to change someone Be and let others be.

– You are a magnificent being. You can be or do or have anything you want in this world.

– If you want to attract something in your life fill your mind with positive thoughts regarding it(Visualize yourself having it already and feel the happiness….).In a matter of time it will be yours.This thought process will cause you to act towards attaining that thing. Think good health,lots of money, adorable kids, a nice car..

Have you watched/read ‘The Secret’ yet?

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