Why Women Love Male Hair Stylists

It’s no secret. Women love male hair dressers…and gynecologists. But that’s a story for another day. In my experience, male hair dressers are really good, for more reasons than respectfully calling you “madam” and pulling chairs for you. 🙂

I would probably never have had a male hair dresser had I not decided to have dread locks. That was 7 months ago. Since then I have had 4 different male hair dressers. Apparently, most dread locks stylists are male. I haven’t met any female dreads stylist by the way.

So, women love male hair stylists. Not necessarily for Mpango Wa Kando arrangements. (Forget about what you saw on TV). Male hair dressers are a favorite because for one, they are passionate about their job. Hair dressing is seen as a ladies’ job, therefore men who go for it do it because they are passionate about it and as a result do a good job on your hair.

Secondly they mind their own business. Male hair dressers will not ask you personal questions like “Huyo mmekujanisha na yeye ndie mzee”?(That guy you came with, is your husband, right?) No. Instead, they’ll nicely suggest to him that when they are not roasting female hair, they also do hair-cuts.

They do not gossip – At least not in a client’s presence. Instead they like to go on and on about their prowess…at styling hair that is, in case your mind was starting to wander. Which brings me to my last reason…

It’s about his Ego – When a man makes a ladies’ hair, he is subconsciously showing off how good he is…for his own ego. A man wants a woman to think of him as being good..at whatever. The result? Gorgeous looking hair and a happy lady client who in turn will be sure to let her ‘girlfriends’ in on the hair stylist’s prowess.


Its not all rosy. There are a few that give the sought-after male hair dresser a bad name.

Mpango wa Kando(side dish) material – They are giggling and smiling and want to talk to you…about touchy issues like what’s your stand on men having mistresses or such. He has dreadlocks and pierced ears.

The Braggart – He’ll tell you how he’s really good, how you are even lucky coz a certain celebrity had just canceled their appointment when you called. On and on and on..yawn.

Mr Plan B –He is standing in for his friend whom you had booked the appointment with, but has had an emergency. Would you like to come tomorrow? No. You have a presentation the very tomorrow morning and you can’t afford to go with your hair in the state it is in. So you half halfheartedly settle for plan B. This guy is probably a barber and doesn’t know anything about tonging (or whatever it is that you want) apart from what he learnt at Ashley’s Beauty College. He will question how his friend does your hair and make a mess of your hair all the while explaining how his method is better. After he is done, his “Madam unaoionaje?”(How do you see it madam?) will seem like mockery.

Mr Busy Bee – It’s the third time he is doing this. You had called him and booked an appointment for 3:00PM. Only to show up at 3 minutes past three and you find him halfway through another head. WTH do you mean I wait? I had an appointment at this time! 🙁 This one will keep you waiting for an hour or more even after you had booked an appointment. He is good so everyone likes him. So you either wait for him or try plan B. In that case, good bye Mr Busy Bee. Am off to look for greener pastures!

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