Donkey Samosas And Other Random Thoughts

I have been playing Mariah Carey’s Bye Bye since the weekend. For some reason I can’t get enough of it. In fact as I write this I have it on replay. This is the kind of song you listen to and you want to take the next/bus/flight/train home and see your folks. You want to call your spouse and tell them that that little quarrel you had this morning is immaterial. That you LOVE them. You want to call your siblings, each one of them, and tell them that you wouldn’t be where you are hadn’t they not supported you, said a prayer for you. You want to call your friend and hook up later in the week. Maybe have lunch together.

Other than that, I started this week on a high. If you think Mondays are gloomy, wear bright clothes! It works like a charm to cheer you up. I got to laugh myself hoarse yesterday at this which I will consider the joke of the week : Dear Math, All those years you made me find your X. I think its best for all of us if you just accept that she is NOT coming back. Just MOVE ON! Thanks @Caroledee for sharing.

This is gonna be a short work week  for me. Don’t be fooled. Short work weeks are the kind of weeks where you do five days worth of work, in four or less days. That’s why I am seated here at lunch time. Tomorrow, I will not be in the office. I am attending this conference at Sankara Hotel. Now, if i was living in Nairobi, I’d know where that is. 🙂 From their website however, it looks like heaven on earth.  Thank God for Google Maps. So I am going to spend half my day there and the rest of my day will be sent  doing…haven’t figured that out yet. But I intend to be home when my little angels are dropped by their school van in the evening. I want too see their little eyes brighten up when they see me. These are some of the moments I live for. To see the two tired-looking girls suddenly cheering up and dropping their bags to excitedly run and hug mummy.

Now , excuse me while i finish my 15 bob Samosas, before getting back to work. Seriously, who still sells Samosas at 15 bob unless they are donkey samosas? Don’t quote me!

Enjoy your week everyone!

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