Why I Unfollowed You

Curiosity led me to discovering who.unfollowed.me an application that shows you who has unfollowed you on Twitter. Why? Because sometimes you just want to know! Once I clicked ‘why do I care?’ (see below), Well, we can’t answer that for you! 🙂 , came the reply.

I have been in Twitter for a little more than a year now I guess. I owe whoever encouraged me to join Twitter a drink. At first Twitter seems lifeless and dry but once you get the drift, you appreciate that it is possibly the best networking website ever and eventually you get addicted to it. Forget Facebook. Twitter is something else!

What I love about Twitter is the funny ,witty and positive nature of tweets, and that I get to learn what’s happening even without watching news, or I get to learn about stuff that is currently happening even before it is read as news. In other words, news breaks on Twitter.

How interesting your Twitter is however, depends on the people you are following. These are the people on your timeline. Twitter’s  flexibility allows that unless someone has protected their tweets, then you can follow them, and see their tweets therefore, and if they want, they can follow you back and see your tweets too.

Everyone on Twitter at one time or another has been unfollowed or has unfollowed someone. Here is my take on stuff that has made me unfollow some people or who knows? Maybe it is the same stuff has got me unfollowed sometimes!

Before I go to why I unfollowed you, lets start with why I followed you in the first place.
I was randomly looking for people to follow -I don’t know about you but this is the only way to get started once you join twitter.

I find your tweets Informative or inspiring – I have seen you retweeted time and again

You make me laugh – Your musings about life have left me in stitches a couple of times.

We are in the same field (career) – Twitters of a feather flock together, i guess.

You retweeted me, more than once – So goes the saying Retweet a person once and they notice you. Retweet a person twice and they remember you. I want you on my timeline. Because you like me….er my tweets!

I want something from you – You are probably a solution provider and I am having a problem with your service or product. Can you help me?

Once I had this problem with my Toad software for over a month. I was getting the kind of error message that says ‘Ask your administrator’ and that time you are the Administrator. Google was not helping. I was able to get help from @Quest_Toad via Twitter.

You are a brand I want to identify with – This is the reason I follow the Sprites and the Batas of this world.

You harassed me into following you – I am a firm believer that more often than not whenever you see the words #NowFollowing they come with an underwritten threat that you follow me back or else….!

You are a chick and you are following my husband  or vice versa – OK that’s NOT true. lol

Now, here is why I unfollowed you…

You were crowding out my timeline – I don’t care what you are tweeting about, but 10 tweets in half an hour, Seriously? Are you a bot or something? Unless you have found the cure for cancer or PMS, I don’t know what else you are going on and on about.

Your tweets are no longer funny – I have followed people only for their tweets to suddenly become uninteresting. What happened to your sense of humor?! Here, i will give an example of @Sickipedia

You are too kiddish/braggish/negative/insulting for my liking – Twitter is a fun place for mature people. At least that’s how i see it.I cant stand it when you insult people or quantify your followers like they are..what?

You are ALWAYS holding conversations with one person – Twitter is a networking site so catching up with friends is absolutely in order. But holding conversations day in day out with the same one or two people that don’t at least make me smile or educate me, that doesn’t add value to my life,or my timeline. Go chat on Facebook.

You are not my type – I probably followed you because you said you were now following me and I wanted to be nice.

You didn’t reply my tweets a couple of times or You unfollowed me – Guess what? I took it personally! 🙁

Most of my unfollowing decisions are made in a huff , however and sometimes i have ended up unfollowing some really nice people (in real life).  So I guess I can say, its not personal, if it makes sense to say so!

If you are on Twitter, what do you think? What would make you click ‘unfollow’?

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